Alejandro Sánchez López

Postdoctoral hired Researcher

- Physics Degree, University of Granada in 2014.
- Masters Degree in Astrophysics and particle Physics, University of Granada in 2015
- Currently a PhD Student at the IAA-CSIC.
- Research interests: Exoplanet atmospheres, Transmission and emission spectroscopy, non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium.
- Experience with the High Dispersion Spectroscopy Technique for high-resolution spectra aimed at identifying molecules in exoplanet atmospheres.
- I have contributed in several national and international Scientific Meetings and have experience in communicating methodologies and results with the scientific community.

+ 34 958 230 536
alexsl [at]
Publications: Search for "Sanchez-Lopez" in the "IAA-CSIC Author" tab in the link below