Current Projects

  • This project aims at two principal technical and scientific objectives related to the European mission Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter, in its fourth year of regular science operations from its orbit around Mars. First, an accurate analysis and inversion of very unique measurements by the instruments NOMAD and ACS, taken in a solar occultation geometry on board TGO; and secondly, an ambitious scientific exploitation plan of these data. We envision this last goal from two different angles, which comprise two major goals of the project.

  • SPACES is mainly dedicated to carrying out scientific studies leading to demonstrate the suitability of the CAIRT mission to meet its scientific goals and to generate scientific and societal impact. CAIRT is one of the four space mission candidates of the 11th Earth Explorer (EE11) of ESA that will observe simultaneously from the middle troposphere to the lower thermosphere at high spectral resolution and with unprecedented horizontal and vertical resolution.