Sergio Jiménez Monferrer

Higher Education Contract in Technical and Professional Activities

Sergio Jiménez-Monferrer is a full-time Ph.D at IAA-CSIC. He graduated in Telecommunication engineering by the Polytechnical University of Valencia and in Physics by the University of Valencia, obtaining then a Master's degree in Advanced Physics, speciality in Astrophysics by the University of Valencia. He has 5 years experience in research in radio astronomy (AGNs), and wide knowledge in computational techniques. He has also worked for a space company (Indra), developing tools for radar space debris detectability and orbitology computation, for ESA's Space Situational Awareness (SSA) project.

Since 2015, Sergio participates in the analysis of IR data, adaptation of the Non-LTE retrieval code to Martian conditions, retrieval of CO2 densities from IR data, and interpretation with the LMD-MGCM.

+ 34 958 230 679
sjm [at]
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